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Valley Hatchery
Exhibition Quality Poultry at an Everyday LOW Price

Started in 2009, Valley Hatchery has been committed to offering live day old poultry shipped directly from our facilities right to your door step. We pride our self in offering the best exhibition quality poultry to the everyday backyard flock owner, commercial farms and even "City Slickers"! We are a small company, providing our customers with the right attention they deserve. Our professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff educate, problem-solve, and inspire our customers.

We ask you please keep in consideration, we are dedicated to offering the best of the best exhibition quality poultry. We are not selling poor production, non-show stock birds, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality exhibition poultry. Take into consideration this is factored into our price. We stand behind our poultry, and quality is guaranteed!

We believe there is a lot that sets us apart from the rest, including that Valley Hatchery is a no kill chick hatchery, hatches are adjusted according to trending sales and extra male chicks are raised at local farms. Take confidence in placing your order and know that all poultry is humanely raised.

We are always striving to improve our breeding stock! We look forward to providing you with high quality live day old poultry at a low everyday price! We hope you choose to work with us, and we thank you for thinking Valley Hatchery!

Buff Orpington Chicks
Our Price: $3.14
Black Australorp Chicks
Our Price: $3.14
Cherry Egger Chicks
Our Price: $3.14